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Balancing Form & Function.

Align1 Solutions developed Muuv to address the alarming health risks associated with the modern workplace. The Muuv story began when Bryce Harlow, a furniture executive, and Nikole Hall, a Licensed Physical Therapist, partnered to re-invent what a chair should be.

The “bottom up” way of addressing the alignment and support of the body (first feet, then knees, hips, spine, shoulders and neck) is a foundational physical therapy approach that was integrated into Muuv’s design. Picture stacked blocks. If they aren’t aligned properly at the bottom, the ones above must compensate or the structure will topple. This “bottom up” approach prevents compensation, reducing injury, soft tissue adaptation and disease, and relieving pressure and pain at compromised points along the rest of the body.

A blend of both aesthetic and functional objectives, Muuv’s appearance is as revolutionary as its objective. The end result is elegant and unique. Muuv gets people sitting the proper way, dynamically supported from the bottom up.

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The Journey to Muuv.

The journey from idea to Muuv began when furniture executive Bryce Harlow identified the authentic need for a workplace chair that supports health and performance. Exploring this missing essential with Licensed Physical Therapist Nikole Hall, the two determined that the best approach would be to engineer a posture supportive chair that engages its user throughout the day.

Having established the need for and viability of a chair that recreates the natural curvature of the spine, encourages proper alignment and allows unencumbered movement, Harlow developed a business plan to launch Align1 Solutions and make Muuv available directly to the public.

With support from investors who saw the opportunity for Muuv to succeed, Align1 Solutions collaborated with designers and engineers, building multiple prototypes, and landing on a design that met exacting functional, aesthetic and manufacturing demands.

Muuv was introduced to the public at Tiger Woods’ annual PGA event, The Hero World Challenge; Muuv rolled off of its North American production line and into wellness-oriented offices around the world starting in July 2017.

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