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Breakthrough Innovation.
Optimized Performance.

From its modern seat shape to its ground-breaking flexible bow and pad structure, Muuv effectively combines principles from engineering with practices from anatomy and the study of human movement to help you sit smarter, work better and achieve more.

Muuv accomplishes this by positioning you properly, allowing you to move, and encouraging you to stay upright and engaged, mentally and physically. We call this Dynamic Ergonomics.

Created as a collaboration between a physical therapist and a furniture executive, Muuv stylishly addresses a gap in the market for a chair that increases overall wellness, thereby improving productivity.

Positioned to Succeed.

Adjustable and able to be personalized to your individual body and varied tasks, Muuv uses its very structure to situate you correctly, freeing you to achieve your objectives.

Muuv opens up your hips and pelvis while you sit by employing proprietary Wedge Seat Technology, promoting oxygenation, circulation and healthy central nervous system function.

Muuv’s groundbreaking Flexible S-Shaped Bow mirrors the natural curvature of a healthy spine, combining support and flexibility. The bow acts as a shock absorber, relieving pressure on joints, discs and muscles of the spine and connected areas, letting you focus on the task at hand, not back pain and fatigue.

Supporting Every Muuv.

Conventional office chairs with rigid design demand that the sitter conform to the seat, obstructing proper posture, restricting movement and limiting deep breathing. In contrast, Muuv positions you in an optimal upright position, and then allows you unrestricted movement.

This uninhibited movement is facilitated by Muuv’s four degrees of freedom; typical task chairs cover reclining motion alone whereas Muuv moves with your body, allowing for reclining, sidebending, rotation, and elongation.

In combination with the support Muuv gives to your core and spine, the availability of movement counteracts workplace fatigue and provide dynamic opportunities for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), the energy our bodies burn through the thousands of wellness-enhancing micro-movements we perform when not sleeping or exercising.

Continual Bio-Feedback.

Muuv works with you to maintain perfect posture, keeping your core engaged, your breathing natural, and your energy level high, by providing articulated vertebral support through three ergonomically designed, dynamic pads that provide customized guidance for each segment of your spine.

Thoughtfully designed, these pads offer bodily cues to help you sit in a way that supports your core and spine, providing postural and physiological support, resulting in greater endurance, improved output, and greater achievement.

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